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Notes of charm trip that it can be said that the little-known spot ...

Gaza On situation | Middle East Japan Society It can be said that the beaten path also introduce notes of the charm? Travel of the [Middle East] Oil tycoon, desert ... [Middle East] and do you think of what you heard? Because of the region there is no chance that too much involved in the day-to-day life, security is? Meals? What you got? Etc., but I think that there are a variety of questions, the Middle East history and culture is filled with plenty, just to suit also notes secluded spot travel of travel, will introduce such a Middle East of recommended tourist spot! What kind of place I Middle East? Middle East, which is said to Middle East (Middle East) in English. It is the generic name of West Asia and Africa northeast. Typical country Israel Egypt Turkey Jordan United Arab Emirates etc. Ladies and gentlemen, I think in a country which may once have heard. Since Muslims often, but you might have some people there is a dangerous image, such as terrorism, pro-Japanese countries many, there are relatively security is also stable region.
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