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Gaza On situation | Middle East Japan Society Gave birth overwhelming impetus and a sense of crisis [Israel founding] Date, Davidoben = Gurion declares Israel founding. In order to implement the United Nations resolution, which was obtained in the previous year, capturing the chance of the moment that was ahead the next day the British withdrawal, the Zionists in Tel Aviv of the museum collection. A portrait of their iconic Theodor Herzl was the declaration of independence in the background. Among them, the new nation [Israel] is a Jewish state, it is a democratic nation has been defined. Ben-Gurion these movements very quickly in Palestine, to use the momentum to rush also illegal refugees including immigration, multiplied by the turmoil in the international situation, was the Declaration of Independence that poked its moment of imaginary. If you do not so far, it may be the thing that modern Israel was not established. [Only their own forces to be believed] [also look forward to other peoples and countries, because only tricked into persecution continues, no other to do in their own power].
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