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Gaza On situation | Middle East Japan Society Country ranking of Middle East travel recommended that round-the-world travelers choose Say the Middle East, it will somehow Kinakusai image is inevitably led to. Terrorism, war, conflict, demonstration .... However, when the actual visit to the Middle East, you will notice that not all of the locations have been wrapped in such Kinakusai events. Of course now, there are many that are difficult to countries that country to travel have become a conflict state. On the other hand, countries such as Jordan and Iran as including Turkey is relatively situation has been stable, tours from Japan as much as has been the bear, the Middle East has become a travel destination of recent attention. Many countries in the Middle East is a Muslim country. And in Islam there is a teaching that [please kind to travelers. Perhaps because the natural environment is severe countries such as the desert there are many, will the teachings derived from it. So, people of Islam is was often us kindly contact with travelers.
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