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The aim office of Middle East travel is now safe - travel abroad? Agora

Gaza On situation | Middle East Japan Society Middle East travel is now in safety-aim offices of overseas travel This year, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan. Israel, I went to interview travel to Palestine Autonomous Region. In any case, it was Nokka' to package tours of travel companies, but it is quite comfortable. Because I was doing the international business at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry or JETRO. It's easy to go in partnership appointments on their own, recently it is Nokka' in group travel, plus, is also often have such as personal apo to such free time. In particular, dinner of group travel is because it is early, I Then, be sufficiently put the dinner again during the afternoon. Hard to go not equal organization travel, but also isolated tourist destination. The airport also go to the main line railway there is no tourist destination, unless you intend to borrow rent-a-car in his run for hundreds of kilometers is better to get on the tour bus has been determined to be saved is easier a time. Thanks to that, many years, in the place that did not go to want to go, quite efficiently Maware.
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