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[Middle East is the one consisted of when a dangerous place] clue ...

Gaza On situation | Middle East Japan Society Clue to know the how the Middle East has become from the time a dangerous place] Middle East has become from time to dangerous place? At the university that I taught, from time to time, diplomats of journalists and the Middle East work involved in the Middle East coverage, to call you and NGO staff, there is that I am talking about. At that time, there is always asked questions from students. [If you know that it is because dangerous location, or go] Why do the job, such as going to the danger area, that is a question of students who were on the verge job hunting. Author and and the lecturer of the teacher, the bitter smile each time. For the same age or that of before and after generation with the author, Toka go to an unknown location, Toka challenge to the negotiation of the Toka to the assistance activities in developing countries, no one and that no country that did, such a thing is grassy students dream of because it was. But, even now students worry to the danger is first crosses the head, may not be helped.
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